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Terms of Use

By engaging on this website and its 3rd party extensions and/or utilising any service provided wholly, or in part by Yogalates Therapy you agree to the Terms and Conditions set out below in terms of Use, Waiver and Privacy Policies, in addition to applicable laws and regulations such as GDPR and accept responsibility for compliance.  


By accepting our waiver, you understand that the instructor is not a qualified health/medical professional or nutritionist and can't answer any medical questions or nutrition questions. You understand that Yogalates Therapy is not a registered health organisation and holds a basic emergency first aid certificate. If you suffer from any physical limitations, are pregnant, and/or injuries, you agree to seek medical advice and sign off from a registered health professional prior to booking a class. You are responsible for your well-being and should you suffer from any pain, discomfort, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, or headaches, you should stop your practice and inform the teacher immediately.

Prior to visiting the studio, you agree to fill out a PARQ questionnaire before attending your first class. You agree to keep your member profile on the Glofox App and instructor updated with any new physical conditions and/or injuries that may arise. Students warrant that all data submitted at the point of registration is true, accurate, current and complete in all regards. Please note Yoga, Pilates, Yogalates, Therapy and/or meditation are not substitutes for medical or psychological care and should not be considered as such.  

It is important that you read the class description carefully and book at your own discretion according to the length of practice and experience you have with either yoga, yogalates, or pilates. 

In advance, please read the following 7 questions below carefully, you will be asked to answer honestly with YES or NO answers:

1) Has your doctor ever said that you have a heart condition or high blood pressure?
2) Do you feel pain in your chest at rest, during your daily activities of living, OR when you do physical activity?
3) Do you lose balance because of dizziness OR have you lost consciousness in the last 12 months? Please answer NO if your dizziness was associated with over-breathing (including during vigorous exercise).
4) Have you ever been diagnosed with another chronic medical condition (other than heart disease or high blood pressure)? 
5) Are you currently taking prescribed medications for a chronic medical condition?  
6) Do you currently have (or have had within the past 12 months) a bone, joint, or soft tissue (muscle, ligament, or tendon) problem that could be made worse by becoming more physically active? Please answer NO if you had a problem in the past, but it does not limit your current ability to be physically active.
7) Has your doctor ever said that you should only do medically supervised physical activity?



You understand that the instructor may use physical touch to correct postures and may at times move around the class to observe. If you would rather the teacher not touch you, then please make this known prior to attending the class. It is advised that you arrive at classes on an empty stomach (at least 2 hours after eating). From time to time we may take individual or class photos and will ask permission wherever possible. Should you not wish for your photo to be taken, please let the instructor know. If you have any questions, please ask them at the end of the class. Yoga and Pilates is not a competitive sport, please do not compare yourself with others. Please avoid talking in class or correcting another person. If you feel that you can't or don't want to do a certain posture or exercise, please relax and avoid doing something else. Please do not strain or force yourself into a posture or exercise, as you can injure yourself. Please note, that your joints may be tight, your ligaments may be stiff, and your muscles may be weak as a beginner. You should stop your practice immediately should you suffer from any pain, discomfort, dizziness, or breathing difficulties, and inform the teacher straight away.

If you have any questions about the general health questionnaire, please email:

Studio Classes/Courses

Bookings | Cancellation Policy | Waiting Lists | Discounts | Memberships & Pre-Paid Class Passes | Courses.

Gift Card:

Gift cards can be purchased and the recipient can activate them in person or over the telephone. Gift cards are subject to a 3-month expiry date. 


1-2-1 and Yoga Therapy: 

Bookings can be a one-off purchase or a block of 5. Appointments are to be made in advance, and two per week is recommended. This is to maximise the benefit of your sessions. Please note: appointments should be made within a 30-day period.

Classes are subject to availability. Classes may be booked in advance via Glofox App, or website with full payment required at the point of booking. We do not accept ‘drop-ins’.

The studio will be open for access for a minimum of 15 minutes prior to each class commencing. As such, please allow enough time to arrive on time as classes will begin promptly and the door will be locked, and late arrivals will be turned away. This is due to the studio's location on a public footpath and doors being locked for the duration of each class. Should you be running late, it may be necessary to reschedule or inform the teacher at your earliest on WhatsApp via the social media pages so that the teacher can be notified, and accommodations made wherever possible. 

Please turn off all mobile phones upon arrival and leave your belongings in the spaces provided during class. Yogalates Therapies is unable to take responsibility for any items brought onto studio premises. Left items will be stored for a maximum of one week before being disposed of appropriately.

Cancellation Policy

1-2-1 and Yoga Therapy appointments are subject to a 24-hour notice period, If you do not show up for your appointment you will lose the credit. 

Booked classes may be cancelled until 2 hours prior to the class commencing via the website or Glofox App at no cost. It is the student's responsibility to cancel their booking in advance. Credit for the same class type will be refunded to your account in the case of timely cancellation. Late cancellations (within 2 hours of the start of class), or no show-up, the booking will not be refunded, or credited back to your account. For membership holders, a charge may be applied, up to the cost of the class missed. Additionally, non-attendance fees may apply to free events, classes or appointments, so please cancel your space at your earliest. In the case of a no-show which is defined as either cancellation after 5 minutes prior to class commencing, or no cancellation and non-attendance, a no-show fee of £5.00 may be applied to your account. A full refund will be given to cancellations made more than 7 days in advance of the course start date. Each course may have additional cancellation terms that will be detailed within the course description. Cancellations can be made through the Glofox App or online portal.

Waiting Lists

Full classes offer a waiting list. There are 12 spaces available for any given class. If you are on the waiting list and a space becomes available, everyone will be notified, and it is a case on a first come first serve basis. You will only be charged when you have booked your spot. Please remove yourself from the waiting list should you no longer wish to attend.


We may periodically offer discounts to members for a limited period. This may include discounts on recurring memberships, or class pass fees via a promo code.


All Yogalates Therapy memberships and packages are non-refundable once purchased, except in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of Yogalates Therapy management. Memberships are useable by the named holder only. You can pause your membership at any time via your member profile. Pre-Paid Class Packages are subject to expiration dates indicated at purchase. You can cancel your membership before 3 days prior to a pay period and it will be effective from the next calendar month.

Please email to cancel. All monthly memberships auto-renew monthly with payment taken on the 1st of each month. The 30-Day class pass membership commences on the date of the first class booked and runs for 30 consecutive days thereafter. Likewise, the 7-Day class pass runs from the date of booking. Pricing of memberships and class passes are reviewed regularly.


We may hold in-person and online courses periodically and duration will vary. Please behave appropriately and be respectful toward your fellow students either online or in person regardless of experience. We adhere to always promoting a safe space and individual well-being and will not tolerate inappropriate behaviour. If for some reason someone exhibits dissatisfactory behaviour, they will be removed from the class immediately, and in serious cases, removed from our services for a lifetime or be referred to the local authorities.  

Data Management

We use Mailchimp to send out emails or newsletters periodically. You can unsubscribe from this list at any time. We use push notifications on the Glofox App to inform customers regarding the waiting list. When you opt-in to marketing messages via the Glofox App, you are given permission to receive marketing emails. If you subscribe via our form on the website, you agree to receive marketing messages. We will not share your information with any other third party. You can request subject data request information on the data we hold anytime by emailing

Payments and Credit Cards

We use Stripe for credit card payments and GoCardless for Direct Debit set-up. We accept cash for drop-ins.

Complaints and Queries

If any customer should have a complaint, please email

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