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Kerry  Quinn

Yoga & Pilates Instructor/Movement Therapist

          Dear One, Namaskar!

My name is Kerry, It's an honour to share my journey with you...

I follow the spiritual path of Bhakti Yoga encompassing Raja, Jnana and Karma Yoga in the tradition of Ananda Marga founded by the late Tantric Master Shrii Shrii Anandamurti (Pranayama, Mudras, Bandhas, Bhajans, Specific Meditations, Asanas, Fasting, Self-Massage, Satsang, Kirtan, Kriya etc).  Therefore, I do not ascribe to any 'Style' of yoga, i.e., Yin, Kundalini, Restorative, Vinyasa, Iyengar, or Hot Yoga etc., but rather,  a complete system (Raja), based on ancient Tantra and the 8-limbs of yoga. If you are interested in any of the above styles of yoga, then my service is not the right fit. I enjoy reading spiritual books and walking mindfully in nature.  I  am also a part-time online lecturer and provide educational support in higher education. 


In 2012, yoga found me at a time when I was experiencing trauma due to bereavement. Yoga softened the grieving process and I continued home practice over the years, in addition to attending classes that fused pilates movement as a format.


In 2022,  I had to cut my PhD short due to the need to care for a loved one. It was during this time that I decided to undertake my yoga and pilates teaching and therapy training so that I could fuse the benefits of mind/body/soul connection and help my loved one take their power back, thus Yogalates Therapy was born.  


Today, I use my method Kerry Quinn Yogalates Therapy® to help others heal and empower the Self. The fusion of yoga and pilates is a way to build physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental strength you never knew you had. I incorporate yoga and pilates as therapeutic ways to build strength, stamina, stability, balance, and flexibility while simultaneously calming the mind, balancing the hormones and toning the muscles.


The path to Yoga is endless — it all starts with YOU! and expands into a never-ending journey of self-discovery and growth, while pilates strengthens the body and aids in mobility. 

I value every person who attends classes at our studio and/or seeks 1-2-1 therapy for self-care and I look forward to helping you achieve your wellness goals. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. 

Love, Peace & Light,


“I’ve been attending Kerry’s yoga and Pilates classes for the last couple of months and I’m hooked!
Kerry is a really knowledgeable teacher who manages to engage everyone in the class whilst at the same time being super supportive of everyone’s individual needs. I love that we’re always able to have a bit of a giggle at some point too!."


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