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Yoga & Pilates 

Mind, Body & Soul Connection

Welcome to Yogalates Therapy, we are a yoga and pilates therapy studio offering small group classes, group yoga therapy,  retreats, private one-to-one yoga, yogalates, pilates, spine and yoga therapy sessions. We occasionally hold monthly Yoga Therapy Events.

We invite health and spiritual well-being seekers from all walks of life to consider taking a class with us to build confidence, strength, stability,  mobility, and flexibility in your body, and mind, as well as find emotional balance and peace within. Yogalates therapy is for everyone, so whether you are seeking improved physical health or on a spiritual path, we welcome you and embrace your journey.  As a certified Yoga Therapist,  common health conditions include stress, asthma, anxiety, depression, sciatica, digestive issues,  and more.


Yoga Self-Care Offering:

Physical postures and movements

Breathing Science Techniques

Meditation and Relaxation

Emotional Healing 

Spiritual Healing 

Chakra Healing

Spine Therapy


 Yogic Science/Philosophy 

Example of Classes:

Beginner Yoga

Beginner Pilates

Beginner Yogalates

Intermediate Yogalates

Intermediate Pilates 

Surya Namaskar

Somatic Yoga



Vist us at

3 Roxburgh House

Park Ave

Whitley Bay

North Tyneside

NE26 1DS

Tel: + 44 7476 571 222


What is Yogalates Therapy?

Bridging Eastern and Western Philosophy, Physical Movement & Psychospiritual Healing.

Yogalates classes are a fusion of Yoga and Pilates mat work which combines the slow, fluid movements of Yoga with the core stabilisation and muscular control of Pilates for a perfect blend of exercises that builds flexibility, balance and strength. It boosts metabolism, burns fat, raises energy levels, mobilises the spine, and strengthens the core.  Before booking a Yogalates class, it is recommended that all new members should practice as a beginner for at least 8 weeks. Our 1-2-1 Therapy sessions are focused on self-care or common conditions for health seekers.  This includes a carefully planned programme that caters for individual needs such as breathing techniques, yoga, spinal blockages, and meditation, for asthma, anxiety, stress, depression, sciatica, digestive issues, etc. 


“I’ve been attending Surya Namaskar & beginner Pilates for a few weeks and I love them both.
Kerry is warm, welcoming and inclusive, has an abundance of knowledge she takes time to demonstrate, gives encouraging instruction and lots of support. Each class has a wonderful blend of relaxation, progression and stretching and I always leave with a sense of achievement and self-care. Oh and we always have a giggle at something, I really can’t recommend enough!."


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